Corporate Social Responsibility

Being involved in various businesses doesn’t stop Swarnatara group to shirk from the responsibilities towards society and environment. The group’s overall business management along with adhering to the Indian norms of corporate social responsibility leaves an optimistic impact on our society, various communities & cultures as well as addressing different types of environmental issues.

Swarnatara Group has clear objectives and humble attitude towards its CSR activities. It varies from stance of many mainstream businesses. After evolving every segment of the business, CSR activities have built a reputation and goodwill for the group.

The group has a different CSR team that sets goals for their CSR programs. The strategies and policies establish the social philosophy which ultimately connects the core business. The team makes sure to involve every employee in wide range of community services programs like educational developments, healthcare awareness, preservation of environment, etc.

The central belief of the group revolves around bringing an actual change and fast track the socio-economic development of our country.